Tuesday, June 26, 2012

DIY Doll Box

One of the last project's my daughter had to do for school was a poetry recital. My daughter decided she wanted to write her own poem and make a doll box.  I always tell my daughter to think outside of the box.  Of course, sometimes thinking outside of the box is good and sometimes it is a lot more work.  At the end of the day without hard work I feel no real since of accomplishment.  So I am happy at an early age my daughter wants to work hard on her class projects.    The kids really liked the doll box , even the boys wanted to play Ken and pose in the doll box.

 Doll Box Instructions

The box was really easy to make.  I picked up an appliance box from Lowes.  I also purchase a gallon of paint from Lowes.  If you look in their premixed section of paint you can purchase paint for up to 60% off or more.  I painted the box one solid color.  In the front of the box I added some polka dot masking tape to jazz it up a little.  My daughter and I also painted flowers, and the doll logo on poster boards.  I added the flowers and doll logo using a spray adhesive to attach to the box. I can an opening in the front of the box and added a shower curtain to make the box look more like a real doll box.  On the inside of the box we painted blue and white to look like a sky.  I also added a pink Eiffel Tower inside.  I also made a small door on the back of the box so she could easily get in and out with out anyone having to left the box.

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