Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Photo of the Week

Hot Pink Shoes

This was  my entry for this week, I heart Faces Photo Contest.  This week's contest is all about feet.  My daughter was up for the challenge.  She loves to take photos of things she loves.  In this photo my daughter is wearing her favorite hot pink high top sneakers.  I don't think my entry made it in this week, but I enjoyed taking this fun photo. 

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borne . image . photography said...

Thanks so much for stopping in, Tammy, and I absolutely love this image of your daughter's feet! Those stripped stockings are adorable, as are those pink high top sneakers! The colors in this photo are amazing, great composition, too! Sure hope it made it in for you this week! It's happened to me before too, though, and I posted it anyway. I believe there's a group on the community page where you can enter it, too ... you may know about that already. I think mine barely made it here this time ... I just noticed it was the second to the last entry! Well, there's always next week and a better spot ... hope to see you then! :)

Kara Abbey said...

DUDE- i think i need to get me a pair of those awesome leggings & the shoes to match !! :D